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A Complete 4K Surgical Solution

Today, We Would like to introduce you to the cutting-edge world of 4K surgical endoscopy technology, a game-changer in the field of veterinary medicine, This technology offers a quantum leap in imaging quality and brings numerous advantages over full high-definition (HD) images. For THOUSANDS Less Than Other Brands.


First, let’s clarify what 4K means. The term “4K” refers to the number of horizontal pixels in the image, which is approximately 4,000 pixels wide. In comparison, full HD typically has around 1,920 horizontal pixels. This higher pixel count translates into significantly sharper and more detailed images.

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Look At The Image Clarity And Color Between FHD And 4K

How Is 4K An Advantage?

Besides Clout For Your Practice, 4K Offers A Variety of Improvements Over Traditional High-Definition:


1. Unprecedented Clarity: The most noticeable advantage of 4K is the level of detail it provides. Imagine being able to see the tiniest structures in a cat’s or dog’s anatomy or having exceptional clarity when examining the complex interior of a horse. 4K images offer unmatched sharpness, allowing you to identify and diagnose issues with greater accuracy.

2. Enhanced Depth Perception: 4K technology doesn’t just increase resolution; it also enhances depth perception. This is crucial for procedures that require precise maneuvering, such as navigating through the small, delicate organs of a small animal or performing intricate surgery on a large animal like a horse.

3. Improved Color and Contrast: 4K surgical endoscopy systems often come with enhanced color and contrast capabilities. This means that not only are the images sharper, but the colors are more vibrant, making it easier to distinguish subtle variations in tissue health and abnormalities.

4. Reduced Fatigue: The higher resolution of 4K images reduces eyestrain during long surgeries or procedures. This can lead to better concentration and decision-making, ultimately benefiting both the veterinarian and the animal patient.


5. Enhanced Teaching and Collaboration: If you work in a teaching hospital or collaborate with other veterinarians, 4K technology is a valuable tool. The level of detail allows for clearer communication and teaching during surgeries or consultations, even when participants are not physically present in the operating room.


6. Future-Proofing: Investing in 4K technology is also future-proofing your practice. As the standard for image quality continues to evolve, you’ll already be equipped with the latest technology, which can save you from costly upgrades down the line.

7. Patient Outcomes: Ultimately, the advantages of 4K surgical endoscopy translate into improved patient outcomes. You can make more precise diagnoses, perform minimally invasive procedures with greater confidence, and enhance the overall quality of care you provide to both small and large animals.

Ultimately, 4K surgical endoscopy technology is a remarkable advancement in veterinary medicine that offers unparalleled image quality and numerous advantages over full HD. Its clarity, depth perception, color, and contrast improvements make it an invaluable tool for veterinarians working with a variety of animals, from cats and dogs to horses. This technology not only enhances your ability to diagnose and treat but also improves the overall experience for both you and your patients. It’s a leap forward that promises better outcomes and a brighter future for veterinary medicine.

With A Full Line Of Tools and Instruments

Rutledge Medical CLAYMORE Surgical Trocar System
Claymore® Trocars
Rutledge Medical Baracuda Veterinary Laparoscopic Instruments
Barracuda® Instruments
Light Cables
Rutledge Medical Veress Needle
Veress Needle
arthro cannula
Poseidon® Arthroscopy Cannulas
autoclave scope tray
Sterilization Trays
surgical tower trolley
Tower Carts

System Specifications

Endoscope Model Diameter Total Length
PS-550L A/B/C Laparoscope
PS-100L A/B/C Laparoscope
PS-400A/B/C Arthroscope
PSC-4K Surgical Camera Head
3M Cord
Peripheral Unit Model Primary Feature Secondary Feature Universal Features
SC-1 4K Camera Processor
4K Wide-Gamut Color
LS-1 4K LED Light Source
50W Dual LED
Bulb Redundancy
Olympus Style Light Guide
SI-1 50L Co2 Insufflator
50L Per Minute Flow Rate
Digital Pressure Control
Touch Screen Controls
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