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An Agile Partner In Animal Healthcare

Benefiting from more than 20 years of technological know how, V-2000 is designed for frontline veterinarians. This versatile full high definition video system center that is compatible with flexible, rigid and fiber endoscopes, therefore encompassing a large array of animal care needs.

The optical excellence you called for
Paired light source employs a 2-LED light source with a lifespan of over 50,000 hours. You will obtain a noticeably brighter, high quality image with minimal light loss and maximal mucosal details. Small vessels can be clearly observed under the enhanced White Light mode.

The visual field you can truly trust
V-2000’s powerful chip allows an optimal image adjustment without delay, and outputs true-to-color images. This outstanding and stable visual field creates an excellent visualising experience, enabling easier and finer operations.

The interaction you feel at your fingertips
Thanks to the one of a kind tactile control panel, interacting with V-2000 can’t be easier. The system comes with all essential features adjustable directly from the front panel, with a one tap screen lock.

Manuverability In The Palm Of Your Hand

Thanks To The One-Of-A-Kind Tactile Control Panel, Interacting With The V-2000 Couldn’t Be Easier. The System Comes With All Essential Features And Functionsj Adjustable Directly From The Front Panel With A One-Tap Screen Lock. Paired With A Dual LED Light Source, You Get Xenon Light Color In A Bulb That Will Last 50K Hours.

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Endoscopes for Animals on land or from the sea

The SonoScape V-Series Endoscopes Are An agile solution. V-2000 offers a series of simple to set up, cross-compatible flexible endoscopes that answer the needs of different species, from small to large furry companions and from farm to exotic animals. A shorter bending racius coupled with a large Field оf view allows you to intubate and reach anatomy efficiently and to observe to the full extent. Diagnose and rear with confidence, thanks to the scope’s water jet function and large instrument channel. 


The One-Step connection is truly waterproof. The V Series endoscopes can be plugged and unplugged, cleaned and disinfected with a minimal risk of water damage from mishandling the scope during reprocessing.

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sonoscape v 2000
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Versatility In Your Operating Room

High Performing, Functional and Ergonomic, SonoScape Surgical Camera Heads Are Equipped With CMOS Image Sensors. Supporting 60FPS FHD Digital Signals. Designed To Offer The Most Brilliant Image Available In Veterinary Surgical Endoscopy.


Meeting The Key Requirements For Any Successful Procedure, The Surgical Endoscope Portfolio Is The Epitome Of Consistently Clear Visual Fields and Best-in-Class FHD Image Quality.

sonoscape v2000 full tower

Compatibility For All

Different Models To Cover All Surgical Scenarios. Simply Use The Presets To Switch Between The Procedure Types. The Camera’s Smart Light Adjustment Technology Will Do The Rest. 

The Standard C-Mount Couplers Further Guarantees Better Compatibility With The Most Common Surgical Telescopes Seen On The Market. All Camera Heads Are Also IPX7 Waterproof.

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