Standardize Your Bio-Security With Automation

Minimizing Risk Of Damage, Ensuring Proper Disinfection, Increasing Patient Throughput

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Single Scope Reprocessor

For Medium Size Practices With Only A Few Procedures Per Day. Great Tool When Staff Is Already Strapped For Time.

typhoon duo
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Dual Scope Reprocessor

Built For Multi-Provider Practices Who Are Doing Multiple Scopes Per Day, Per Provider. Maintains a lower resource drain as staff has Reduced Their Downtime To Reprocess By More Than A Half Hour.

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Compatible With Multiple HLDs

This Unit Is Compatible With A Variety Of High Level Disinfectants. Allowing You To Control Costs Thanks To Precise Dosing Of Every Reprocessing Cycle.

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Germ Killing With The Power Of The Sun....

Our Double Filtration System Ensures The Water Flowing Through Your Scope Is Fully Sterilized and we are Using UV Light to take it a step further! A UV Reservoir Is Included With Installation.  

It Even Completes The Detergent Cycle..

 The Enzymatic Detergents Used On Endoscopes Are Properly Measured and Titrated By The On-Board Computer For The Perfect Ph to eliminate biological proteins before the disinfection cycle, without over use. 

endozyme™ aw triple action plus
iso alco

Alcohol Purge Through All Channels

Automatic Purge of Isopropyl Alcohol In The Correct Volume To Ensure Proper Channel Drying And Eliminating Any Residual Bacteria Potential.

automatic flexible endoscope washer disinfector02

Automatic Leak Test

Any Brand Of Endoscope Is Thoroughly Leak Tested Before Any Liquid Cycle Begins. The Unit Is Sensitive To Even The Slightest Leak. Reducing Your Risk In Every Cycle.

automatic flexible endoscope washer disinfector01

Total Reprocessing Time Is As Short As 15 Minutes Per Scope

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And It's All Documented...

Trust But Verify With Information Like The Scope Model And Serial, Water Temperature, Disinfectant Temperature, Cycle Time, Air Dry Cycle Time And More. Adding An Extra Dimension Of Proof In Case The Worst Possible Thing Happens…..CROSS CONTAMINATION!

The Typhoon Automated Endoscope Reprocessor Can Keep Your Butt Covered And Have The Proof To Show It! But The Peace Of Mind Alone Is Worth The Price Of The Unit. 


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*NOTE* This Unit Is Not An FDA Approved Product for Use In Human Healthcare Facilities.
This System Is FOR VETERINARY USE ONLY And Any Purchase Agreement Will Undergo A Strict Process To Ensure Compliance.

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