Artemis™ Endoscopic Irrigation Biopsy Valve Port


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Unique Biopsy Valve Replacement with Luer Lock connector on the side, allowing your practicioners to use the biopsy channel as a forward water jet. Ideal for use during equine airway bronchial washing or during gastroscopy to clear biological debris from the field of view. Works with any luer lock connecting device such as syringes and irrigation tubing. Allows user to pass instruments while still using the channel for water-jet functions. No need to swap parts in and out.


Irrigation Valve Mounted On Biopsy Port perfect for equine airway procedures or upper GI procedures for small and large animals, where you may need to clear your field of view without taking up the instrument channel. Luer lock connector on the side works with syringes and luer lock tubing.

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 3 × 1 × 3 cm
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Black endoscopic biopsy irrigation valve with luer lock connection Artemis™ Endoscopic Irrigation Biopsy Valve Port
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