Zoo And Aquarium Endoscopes

Better Collection Healthcare Is A Public Focus

The Availability Of Veterinary Specialists To Perform Endoscopy Procedures On Your Collection Patients Has Really Delayed Quality Of Life Care At Many Zoos Across The Country. Thankfully The Barrier Of Entry Into High-Defintion Is All But Eliminated Now. Bringing A New Dimension Of Treatment To The Animals In your Care. 

Here Are Just A Few Practices Who Trust Rutledge Medical

1080p FHD Veterinary endoscopy

Finally, An Affordable Video Endoscopy System For All Small Animal Veterinarians. All The Bells And Whitsles You’ve Come To Expect From The Big Brand Names Made To Fit Your Practice, size and budget. Video And Image Capture Is Built Into This Platform For maximum efficiency and patient throughput.

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2 Million Pixels At The Distal Tip

Hands Down The Best Image Available In Veterinary Endoscopy Today. With Scopes For All Shapes and Sizes. The 1.5M Slim Video Gastroscope Features Stiff Construction and quality components. The 1M Super Slim Videoscope Comes In At 5.9mm With 4-way Articulation, great for a bronch. the available camera head can power everything from laparoscopes to cystoscopes.

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4K For Under $50K

A Revolutionary surgical endoscopy platform utilizing the same technology found in human operating rooms across the country but affordable. the entire system can support surgical, urological, orthopedic and thoracoscopic procedures in animal patients. With Video and Image Capture Standard.

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From All Of The Big Brands

We Keep An Inventory Of The World’s Most Popular Endoscopy Brands. With Full Systems, Accessories, Hardware, Scopes and Even Reprocessing Systems, If You’re On A Smaller Budget, We Can Straighten You Out With A Setup That Will Generate Revenue, Day 1.  

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Firefly™ Wireless Otoscope

A Wireless Instrument That Increases Client Compliance With Advanced Treatments and Medicinal Compliance? You Say, No Way. We Ignored That Feedback. Instead We Brought You A High-Definition Wireless Video Otoscope That Travels In Your Pocket.

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PERIOCAM™ HD Dental Endoscopy

Early Success With Equine Practitioners Across The Country Has Expanded The Possibile Uses Of Our User Friendly And Lightweight Dental Camera With 1080p High Definition Images For Large Animal Dentistry Work. So We Developed The Periocam HD Dental Endoscope. With Stainless Steel Construction And Plenty Of Length, This 30 Degree Scope Is Perfect.

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