Ruhof ENDOZYME™ Sponge for Veterinary Endoscopes


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Pre-cleans Scope Surface Enabling High Level Disinfectant To Kill And Remove Biofilm. Pre-saturated With Endozime Bio-clean

Endozime® Sponges are uniquely contoured to fit around the outside sheath of scopes and are pre-saturated with Endozime® Bio-Clean to provide a quicker, more thorough pre-cleaning. Endozime Bio-Clean is a neutral pH, multi-tiered enzymatic detergent, specifically formulated to remove gross contaminants while targeting in soluble polysaccharides that encase Biofilm, exposing them to high level disinfectants or liquid chemical sterilants.

This helps aid in the removal of all Bioburden and Biofilm from scope surfaces. Endozime®Sponges, now with Bio-Clean Technology™, are highly recommended for all scopes where Biofilm build-up can develop as a result of constant exposure to wet and dry phases during usage and reprocessing. These super absorbent sponges are designed to hold the Endozime® Bio-Clean in, so that it guarantees to disperse the detergent over the scope surface and distribute it more evenly. This will provide longer contact time with Biofilm and contaminants so that the detergent can help break them down.

This is NOT a disinfection chemistry. Proper bio-security of your endoscopes would require the scope to be soaked in a high-level disinfectant or a liquid sterilant like peracetic acid after using this product.

Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 cm

Fits Perfectly Around the Insertion Tube or Rod of any Flexible and Rigid endoscope.

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